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The Olympian

Our premium Olympian IV infusion includes a mix of vitamins that will increase performance and allow you to recover faster.

This premium infusion boasts of a specific blend of vitamins that help you not only recover from your training more quickly, but also help increase your performance! If you play a sport, are training for an event, or just really like the gym, this infusion is most definitely for you. If you do anything physical regularly, don’t wait to see if you need this – because you do.

What’s in the Olympian?

While the exact recipe for this premium IV infusion is our special secret, the ingredients of it aren’t.

How Does the Olympian IV Work?

While the part that everybody notices about your sport is how well you perform, we know as well as you do that your public performance is only part of the equation. Along with practice, a healthy diet and regular rest are a major component. The biggest thing you could do to help you outside of that is getting regularly hydration infusions of the Olympian IV Therapy Infusion.

The specific blend of B vitamins, L-Carnitine, Glycine, and Tri-Amino acids help your body get the essential nutrients and non-essential acids to help your performance. This infusion helps you recover quicker and boost performance when you get it regularly.

Are There Side Effects to the Olympian Infusion?

Considering the intent behind the infusion, there are a few side effects you would expect. Some patients say the infusion makes them feel “jittery” for a little while afterwards (think drinking a few cups of coffee at one time). Other times, you might feel flush or like your heart is experiencing palpitations. However, most of the side effects felt during the fat burner infusion can be alleviated by slowing down the rate of the infusion.

If you start to feel anything uncomfortable during your infusion, please let the infusion specialist know so they can help you manage the side effects.