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Are you looking to work in a place where you are appreciated and valued? Do you want to work at a place that provides you with the proper resources to be successful and grow? Do you want to work in an environment where your opinion is valued and rewarded? Do you want to join a team that supports each other and the continuing growth of the organization? If so, join our team at wHydrate.

wHydrate is a medical spa that offers the highest quality hydration therapy to the community with an emphasis on customer service that is unmatched. We continue to look for team members who are motivated, energetic, hard working, and team oriented to help us in our growth and success. We currently have 9 locations with many more to come in the near future. Each facility is looking to add employees in 2 categories:

Infusion Specialists

Infusion specialists are Registered Nurses or Paramedics that help administer infusions and intramuscular injection. We rely on this position to be able to consistently start IVs, understand and communicate the health benefits of our services, and provide a level of customer service that exceeds the expectations of our clients.

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Nurse and Paramedic Figurines
Nurse and Paramedic Figurines

Front Desk Coordinator

Our front desk coordinators play an important role in providing the customer service we all can be proud of. We rely on this position to understand the products and services we offer while being able to communicate these clearly and effectively to clients in person and those that call in. Since the Front Desk Coordinator is the first and last contact the client will have at the facility, we look for someone that composes themself well, is personable, and reliable. We reward your ability to bring an upbeat, positive energy to our clients with incentive programs and commission.

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