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What is IV Therapy

Drip IV Therapy is a treatment that utilizes an intravenous drip to introduce vital electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly and immediately into the body.

While it's often referred to as "hydration therapy," it's a lot more than just an infusion of hydration. We offer various vitamin and medication therapies as well as straight hydration, minerals, and electrolytes.

The health benefits take effect as soon as your treatment begins, making IV therapy the fastest and most effective way to get immediate relief from dehydration, migraines, nausea, cold & flu symptoms, heartburn, hangovers, fatigue, menstrual cycle symptoms, stress symptoms, and more!

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What to Expect

At all our wHydrate locations, you may book online for convenience, call, or even just walk in. Please be aware, fees may apply. If you aren't sure which infusion to get, don't worry, we are here to help! Tell us how you are feeling, what symptoms you are having, and your goals. We can point you in the right direction. 

Once you've decided on your infusion, an infusion specialist will get some background information, check your vitals, and if you are healthy, we will get you started!

Each infusion takes about 45 minutes to one hour, so prepare to relax. We have private lounge rooms with recliners to kick back in, blankets to keep you comfortable, and TV to watch!

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