Vitamin C

Also known as Ascorbic Acid, vitamin C is a lot more versatile than most people think. Sure it helps your immune system, but do you know what else it helps?

What Does Vitamin C Do?

Everyone knows that Vitamin C is a champ at fighting off or reducing symptoms of the common cold, building the number of antibodies, and working overtime to combat viruses and other pathogens. One place a lot of people turn for ascorbic acid is in a nice glass of orange juice. This is definitely not the best place to get it from, however. Reason being, most juices are loaded down with sugar and not enough of the vitamin to actually help you ward off a sickness or recover from one. When you get a boost of Vitamin C in a hydration drip, you’re helping boost your body’s immunity and slice viral and bacterial loads in order to get you recovered faster.

Another great thing about Vitamin C is that it’s also known as something called a super-antioxidant. There are things called free radicals that go around wreaking havoc on our cells. This damage can lead to health issues like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and brain injury. Antioxidants travel through our body to help in the prevention of formation, reduce the number of free radicals, and slow the activities of the ones already in your blood stream. One of the largest processes responsible for the build up of free radicals is aging, so you know this pertains to you!​

​There’s been recent studies showing that high doses of Vitamin C can even inhibit the growth of cancer. This is largely due to its role within the production of collagen and collagen protection.

Which Infusions Include Vitamin C?