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Reduce your cold & flu symptoms and speed up your recovery time.



How does it work?

It is pretty well-known that Vitamin C is a go-to for boosting your immune system in its time of need. Included in that is solid evidence that a higher dose (like that in the Under the Weather infusion) can shorten the length of a cold by almost half. That's right, only crummy for half the time! There's no doubt it helps when you're not feeling not so great. Another part of this premium infusion is Zinc, a mineral shown to decrease the length of sickness among its other attributes. The Selenium and Glutathione work together as antioxidants to combat free radicals through the body. Both assisting with repairing DNA harmed by sickness / infection and with attacking free radicals. All these individual components on their own help get your immune system back on track, but combined they work even better.