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Intravenous Iron Infusions

Intravenous iron infusions are a great option for those who have iron deficiency anemia and can’t take oral supplements, or need more than can be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract.

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Have Questions Before You Schedule an Appointment?

What are the uses of Intravenous Iron Infusions?

Iron, which is used to make hemoglobin, can be replaced via oral and intravenous routes. Intravenous iron infusions are a great option for those who have iron deficiency anemia. It aids in increasing low red blood cell counts.

Is Intravenous Iron a good option for me?

Intravenous iron is a good option if you can’t take iron supplements orally, your iron levels are so low that you need a rapid increase, or if you can’t readily absorb iron in your GI tract.

What do I need to start IV Iron therapy?

We will need both a ferritin and hemoglobin level result prior to approving you for intravenous iron therapy infusions. Should you need it, we are happy to draw those for you. If those levels are within normal range, we won’t be able to approve you for this therapy.

What are symptoms of low iron?

There are a few symptoms of low iron levels that might indicate this is a therapy appropriate for you. Fatigue, chronically cold extremities, fast heart rate (tachycardia), heart palpitations, dizziness, and brittle nails.

Are there any contraindications to Intravenous Iron?

The supplement used for intravenous iron infusions is called Venofer. If you have had a known reaction to Venofer, that is the only contraindication.

How long do IV iron infusions take?

The initial dose of iron will last approximately an hour. Each subsequent dose can be done no faster than half an hour.

How Do I Schedule an Iron Infusion?

Scheduling your Intravenous Iron Infusion appointment is the easy part! You can either call your preferred wHydrate location, or you can book your appointment online.