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myers' cocktail

the most popular infusion for general health & wellness

A blend of vitamins and minerals that will leave you feeling great.



How does it work?

Dr. John Myers, who originally formulated the Myers' Cocktail, aimed to help speed recovery, improve overall health and wellness, and keep ailing patients hydrated while healing. Later, Dr. Alan Gaby, who strongly focused on the nutritional side of medication, modified the original Myers' Cocktail. He used the it intravenously on a number of patients with chronic conditions ranging from mild to severe with very few negative side effects. In everyone's increasingly busy lives, we are opting for fast, albeit less nutritious, food options. Because of this, the body is not receiving, and therefore not absorbing, essential nutrients necessary for good health. IVs completely bypass the digestive process. All of the nutrients go directly to the bloodstream rather than having to be absorbed by the intestines first. This means that the vitamins and minerals are able to be used by your body almost immediately.