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Myers’ Cocktail

One of our most popular IV Therapy infusions, the Myers’ Cocktail is a blend of vitamins and minerals that will leave you feeling great.

If you have ever needed intravenous (IV) medication, you know how quickly they can offer relief. What about getting an IV for nutritional supplements of essential minerals and vitamins? Could the effects of a combination of these minerals and vitamins really help with chronic ailments?

What is a Myers’ Cocktail?

A Portrait of Dr. John Myers

Named for Dr. John Myers, who originally formulated the concoction, the Myers’ Cocktail is a specialized blend of minerals and vitamins. Dr. Myers’ aim was to help speed recovery, improve overall health and wellness and keep ailing patients hydrated while healing.

Later, Dr. Alan Gaby, who strongly focused on the nutritional side of medication, modified the original Myers’ Cocktail, or “The Myers’.” He used the Myers’ intravenously on a number of patients with chronic conditions ranging from mild to acute with very few negative side effects.

What’s in a Myers’ Cocktail?

Below is a list of the vitamins and minerals included in our Myers’ Cocktail.

How Does the Myers’ Cocktail IV Work?

In everyone’s increasingly busy lives, we are opting for fast, albeit less nutritious, food options. Because of this, the body is not receiving, and therefore not absorbing, essential nutrients necessary for good health.

This study on Vitamin C absorption shows not only how increased amounts of this one vitamin in the bloodstream help fight cancer, but also how intravenous infusion allows for 50 times greater concentration when compared to oral administration. Bloodstream nutrient levels are also much higher with infusion than with intramuscular injection.

A Myers’ Cocktail IV works because it completely bypasses the digestion process. All of the nutrients go directly to the bloodstream rather than having to be absorbed by the intestines first. This means that the vitamins and minerals are able to be used by your cells almost immediately.

Are There Side Effects to the Myers’ Cocktail?

There are surprisingly few side effects of a Myers’ Cocktail infusion in comparison to all of its benefits. Some patients have irritation at the site of the injection. Others feel hot and flushed almost instantly. This heat can be felt in the chest and often radiates toward other areas of the body. This is a common and harmless effect of the vitamins and minerals. Another odd, yet harmless side effect is that patient often report tasting the vitamins.

Sometimes, if the Myers’ infusion is administered too rapidly, the influx of magnesium can cause slight lightheadedness, and the infusion should be slowed for comfort. Other than those minor side effects, there really aren’t any which is why it’s so popular!