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Migraine Assault

The preeminent infusion for migraine therapy, the Migraine Assault infusion includes medications and vitamins that provide high-level migraine relief.

For those who suffer from migraines, there are few pains more intolerable. For those who have headaches which don’t go away with Tylenol or rest, our Migraine Assault infusion has been shown to help alleviate many severe headaches and migraines.

What’s in a Migraine Assault?

Below is a list of the vitamins and medications included in our Migraine Assault.




How Does the Migraine Assault Infusion Work?

There is no doubt this bag is considered magical by those who suffer from migraines. While we’d like to agree, it’s actually pretty simple how it works. Dehydration within the body is a known trigger condition for the migraine sufferer. Becoming more hydrated will help lessen the severity of these potent headaches. In addition, Magnesium and Toradol (NSAID for pain) are known treatments for migraines. The Zofran and Pepcid help with the stomach upset common to those ailing from migraines.

Paired with oxygen via a nasal cannula, this migraine therapy infusion offered at wHydrate works directly to alleviate migraine symptoms. Blood vessels dilate during migraines, which causes the pain associated with the condition. Since oxygen constricts the blood vessels, this helps the pain to subside during treatment. Pure O2 has an overall balancing effect, returning the brain to normal function.


Are There Side Effects to the Migraine Assault?

There are surprisingly few side effects of a Migraine Assault infusion in comparison to all of its benefits. Overall, most of the components of this IV therapy are well-known to not have side effects.

Sometimes, if the migraine therapy infusion is administered too rapidly, the influx of magnesium can cause slight lightheadedness, and the infusion should be slowed for comfort. Other than those minor side effects, there really aren’t any which is why it’s so popular!