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Fat Burner

Our Fat Burner IV infusion maximizes liver function, speeds up your metabolism, and rids the body of excess fat deposits. This infusion also includes a separate Lipotropic MIC-B injection.

Do you ever feel like you need a little help with getting rid of a few extra pounds and just don’t know where to turn? Look no further than our Fat Burner intravenous infusion! This premium infusion turns your workout sessions into fat melting sessions with an infusion and an injection.

What’s in the Fat Burner?

While the exact recipe for this premium IV infusion is our special secret, the ingredients of it aren’t.



MIC-B12 Injection

How Does the Fat Burner IV Work?

Anyone who is serious about exercise knows that taking a pre-workout can help get your body revved up for working out and burning fat in the short-term. By getting this premium infusion, you help your body increase the amount of fat burn for days (the effects can even last up to a week!).

The specific blend of B vitamins, L-Carnitine, and the lipotropic MIC-B12 injection help your body burn fat by speeding up your metabolism, increasing the amount of fat being transported to the mitochondria of your cells, and by maximizing your liver’s ability to do its job.

Are There Side Effects to the Fat Burner Infusion?

Considering the intent behind the infusion, there are a few side effects you would expect. Some patients say the injection makes them feel “jittery” for a little while afterwards (think drinking a few cups of coffee at one time). Other times, you might feel flush or like your heart is experiencing palpitations. However, most of the side effects felt during the fat burner infusion can be alleviated by slowing down the rate of the infusion.

If you start to feel anything uncomfortable during your infusion, please let the infusion specialist know so they can help you manage the side effects.