Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the typical questions we get from customers.

  • With a membership will I lose my monthly benefit if I do not use it?

    Absolutely not, all treatments accrue on your account if you are not able to make it in for a period of time.

  • I am an athlete, will this help me?

    We currently serve a number of outstanding athletes. From boxers, runners, cyclist, and football players these customers find our services help them perform at their best and recover much more quickly.

  • Can I get an IV treatment if I am pregnant?

    We always try to work with your physician in this case. Typically we only administer plain fluids in this case.

  • Does this help me if I am sick?

    We can administer multiple types of medications that address a number of ailments. Nausea, headaches, acid reflux, heartburn...

  • How many times can I get an IV in a month?

    We have 3x a month plans, but we can administer an IV once a week without pre-approval from your physician.

  • What will Oxygen do for me?

    There are many benefits of oxygen, most commonly relief of headaches and increased energy are what our customers enjoy!

  • How much are memberships?

    Please visit our Memberships page for pricing.

  • How long does the treatment last?

    Multiple factors to consider here, what are you getting in your bag, are you getting an IM injection or an IV infusion, what vitamins/medications are your recieving. Come on in and our certified medical professionals can provide you any information that you need.

  • How long does a treatment take?

    Treatments can range from 30-60 min depending on a number of factors. If it is your first time please alot at least an hour for screening and paperwork.

  • What if I have an adverse reaction?

    Any adverse reactions from allergies, hives, or feelings of anxiety are issues that our experienced staff or very well equipped to handle. Don't believe us? Come in and give us a try.

  • Do you have medical professionals on staff?

    All personnel are certified medical staff, ranging from Advanced Paramedics, Registered Nurses, to our Medical Director. All services follow standard medical processes you will see in any hospital.

  • New To IV Hydration?

    Don’t worry – we’re here to help. Feel free to browse our Frequently Asked Questions and learn why wHydrate is…making waves.

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